Teppei vs Saitama
Teppei vs Saitama


He is ignorant in origin, but he is a member of an anti-evil organization called saiseya. He has a very strong punch, but he can prevent a one-handed attack. He has demons, but he is not something strong.


Saitama only needs one shot to defeat an opponent. He has no form but has a friend Genos calling him sensei. He is a superhero but much like Teppei.

The start

Teppei is lost in the city and Saitama appears.

Teppei-Excuse me, where's the exit from this city? You know, I'm a little lost ...

Saitama-The exit is there. I have no time to waste.

Teppei-Thank you...

Then this evil grandmother appeared and Saitama started to hit her but was stopped by Teppei.

Teppei-Hey bald! How can you get your hands on one grandma?

Saitama-Don't go away so I don't hit you!

Teppei-Step away, madam, to make this whole thing understand!


Saitama tried to punch Teppei, who appeared behind him.

Teppei-What is it?

Then Teppei quickly hits him in the back and Saitama grabs hold of them.

Saitama-How strong you are, but you are not my level !!!

Teppei-Means I get down on yours?

Saitama hits Teppei who has now rammed into the building.

Saitama-Well that's the end...

Teppei gets free and hits Saitama.

Teppei-What happened?

Saitama-You're alive, but you won't be !!!

Saitama hits Teppei, who fell between two buildings that fell on him.

Then the buildings just collapse and Teppei becomes a demon.

Teppeis demon-Bald, here is your end !!!


Teppei's demon hits Saitama, which catapults into space.

Teppei-Too bad, I could have joked with him a little more.



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